Defense Manufacturing
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Various Measuring Mechanisms
Special Production
Hot Forging, Rolling Operations and Types of Bolts, Nuts, Unions
Comprehensive Machine Park
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Dora Defense Manufacturing

Machine Parkour

  • 10″ one pcs. 8″ three pcs CNC Lathe
  • 4 Axis Machining Center
  • Welding machine
  • 2 Pieces Drill
  • 2 Pieces 280 Cut Saws
  • 50 kW Induction Press
  • 200 Ton Friction Press
  • 100 Ton Eccentric Press
  • 40 Tons of Scrubbing

Manufacturing Group

Special Production Bolt

Dip Galvanized

Construction Machinery Spare Parts

Bucket Claw - Breaker Bit


Forging Manufacturing

High Voltage Line Hardware


Dora Defense Manufacturing

Quality Control System

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